Where Are You In Your Tarot Business?

tarot-reading-signWhere are YOU In your Tarot Business?

So let’s talk about your Tarot Business and where you are at right now…

There are 3 Basic Areas of a Business:
1. The Creation Stage: This is when your ideas have taken shape. a vision has been realized, the necessary skill set has been achieved, and you’re beginning to take clients. You’re finalizing the name, the website, and all of the necessary support tools.

2. The Action Stage: This is where you’re actually functioning as a business. You’re established…You’re delivering services, you’re receiving money for those services. You’re not yet making a “profit” but you’re acting as a business and steadily building a client base.


New August Tarot Reading Specials!

hello august 2August Special’s

The Fall and Holiday Seasons are JUST around the corner!

Can you believe we’re already in August? I’m still waiting for my summer to BEGIN!

Even though we’re in August, it’s never too soon to get things in order for the new school year, the holidays, and of course The New Year. Action taken in the Summer months can bring HUGE results at Harvest and early Winter months! Please take advantage of my NEW August Tarot Reading Specials:


8 Things To Consider When Naming Your Tarot Business

let your light shine8 Things to Consider When Naming your Tarot Business

Have you thought about a name yet? Have you been kickin’ around any ideas? Does the thought of naming your business freak you out? Or is this something you decided on years and years ago and you’re just fulfilling your prophecy with this class?

For many entrepreneurs, naming their business is a source of incredible stress. I know because over the last four years I came up with four different business names. It’s a place of high risk, second only to deciding on your business idea.


Does Spirit Test US? Or Do We Test Ourselves?

download (3)Are We being Tested By Spirit? Or, Do We Actually Test Ourselves?

I’d like to share with you a sermon I’ve written. 

Ever set out to do something amazing with your life and suddenly it completely goes to shit?

Something so outrageously unexpected happens, and keeps happening, that causes you to shift your attention form your mission to the problems piling up around you.


Trust the Wisdom of your Soul!


One of the biggest challenges we face when we read Intuitively..is trusting ourselves!

**We have to be able to trust our “gut” feelings in order to trust the information we receive in a reading..**

Unfortunately, because of some of our previous life-choices (relationships, addictions, people, money, etc) we may not feel to confident in trusting ourselves moving forward.


6 Ways to Create Protection During a Tarot Reading

6 ways to create protection during a tarot6 Ways to Create Protection During a Tarot Reading

If you’ve been giving or receiving any type of Tarot or Oracle Reading or are brand-new to our field you may have heard people talk about “protection” and how important it is to protect yourself during a reading.


Using the Tarot to Make Everyday Decisions!

Reading for a decisionUsing the Tarot to Make Everyday Decisions!

Hello and Good Day to Where-Ever YOU are in the World TODAY! 

We’re getting closer to the Tarot 101 Launch, just a few more days!

I have SO MANY surprises for you guys you’re going to DIE! LOL I’m so excited for this course to begin.


6 Tips to Help you Select and Care for your Tarot Deck!

Leif and i upclise6 Tips to Help you Select and Care for your Tarot Deck!

Hello and Happy Sunday Everyone!

Here’s a question for you:

Do you have a Tarot Card Graveyard??

A box or a drawer or perhaps a storage bin filled with Tarot DECKS you no longer use, like, or love…

All mostly because they weren’t quite the right deck in the first place…

I know Leif and I sure do!


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